Our classes run every Monday (except statutory holidays) throughout the year for all levels of line dancing. Each 2 hour session begins with a few beginner dances to warm up with and progresses levels throughout the night. Classes start promptly at 6:00 pm as the doors are locked prior to that time for security purposes. So make sure you allow yourself plenty of travel time.

We are here to have fun, dance together and share a few laughs! Please refrain from wearing heavy scents & perfumes as I'm scent sensitive. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in and don't forget your water bottle, towel, fans, dance shoes etc.

This is a 25+ event and we won't be teaching absolute beginner dances (see Defined Dance Levels below) so please possess basic line dancing steps. Click here Common Line Dance Steps to familiarize yourself with some basic line dancing steps with Gail Eaton.

CLASSES: Mondays 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

LOCATION: Central Neighbourhood House

349 Ontario Street, Toronto

DROP IN FEE: $10.00 cash / session

Registration and inquiries can be sent to:


Absolute Beginner (AB):

For dancers with absolutely no previous dance experience. Generally has no syncopations, tags, restarts & no more than one turn. Basic dance terminology.


Routines build upon the AB level and suitable for those who have some dance experience. Additional step patterns may include 2 x 1/4 pivots, travelling chasse, waltz and basic styling techniques.


Refers to choreography that will assume some previous dance experience & basic skills. Additional step patterns may include rolling grapevines, ronde sweeps, swivets, figure eight turns, syncopations; anchor, coaster, mambo, sailor steps.


Experienced dancers who have mastered a comprehensive range of step patterns & movements. Combinations include, pauses, syncopations, body movements, timing variations and styling.


Choreography contains the full spectrum of step patterns in any combination and will embrace all tempos and rhythms.