5:15 INT Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - April 2019

18 INT Dan Morrison (CAN) - June 2018

1159 BEG Rachael McEnaney-White (USA) - March 2017

1929 INT Kate Sala (UK) & Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) - March 2012

6345789 (FR) BEG Aurélie GAAG (FR) - August 2015 

1+1 INT Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) & Niels Poulsen (DK) - January 2022

10,000 More INT Shake McKeever (N.IRE) - October 2019

11 Beers B/I Dan Albro (USE) - March 2022

1-2 Cha Cha Cha B/I Louise Hodson (USA)

1-2-3-4 INT Niels Poulsen (DK) - November 2010

2 Butterflies B/I Winnie Yu (CAN) 

2 Stepping Away IMP Darren Bailey (UK), Rob Fowler (ES) & Kate Sala (UK) - August 2022

2 X 4 Shuffle B/I Kathy Brown (USA)

23 With Me IMP Jill Weiss (USA) - February 2022

24 Reasons IMP Jill Babinec (USA) & Debi Pancoast (USA) - October 2018

24K Magic INT Rob Fowler (ES) - October 2016

2-Step Turn ADV Shane McKeever (N.IRE) - October 2022

2-Way Kiss IMP Ria Vos (NL) - April 2014

4 U I Let Go I/A Liam Hrycan (UK)

45 Degrees H/B Ria Vos (NL) - October 2021

50 Ways INT Pat Stott (UK) - July 2021

6 8 12 BEG Masters In Line (UK)

6's To 9's INT Scott Blevins (USA) & Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) - September 2022

7 Summers Cha IMP Elaine Cook (CAN), Rob Fowler (ES) & I.C.E. (ES) - August 2020

8-9-10 (Let's Do It Again!) INT Peter Metelnick (UK) & Alison Metelnick (UK)

90's Country H/I Laurie Schlekeway-Burkhardt (USA) & Joey Westervoorde - December 2018


A Bit Too Drunk BEG Nathalie Emond (CAN) - March 2011

A Candle In The Dark I/A Pat Stott (UK) - November 2010

A Complete Change! BEG Niels Poulsen (DK) - May 2017

A Double Whiskey IMP Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - July 2018

A Drink In My Hand B/I Sandy Goodman (USA) - September 2011

A Few Shots! (CBA 2021) INT Fred Whitehouse (IRE), Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Niels Poulsen (DK) - January 2021

A Fighting Chance B/I Michel Cabana (CAN)

A Heartache On The Dance Floor BEG Step5678 (USA) - July 2017

A Kind of Hush BEG Juliet Lam (USA) - May 2015 

A Lesson In Love ADV Dee Musk (UK) & Simon Ward (AUS) - April 2016

A Little Attraction A/B Juliet Lam (USA) - December 2017

A Little Bit Louder IMP Maggie Gallagher (UK) - October 2021

A Little Bit of Both IMP Larry Bass (USA) - August 2018

A Little Something BEG Forty Arroyo (USA) - July 2013

A Lot About A Little BEG Bobby Chong (CAN), Cathy Montgomery (CAN), Deborah O'Hara (CAN) & Elaine Cook (CAN) - September 2021

A Love That Will Last INT Johanna Barnes (USA) - October 2014

A Love Worth Waiting 4 IMP Norman Gifford (USA) - June 2011

A Million Voices INT F4bulous Four, Jo Kinser (UK), Ivonne Verhagen (NL), Rhoda Lai (CAN) & Heather Barton (SCO) - June 2021

A Night Like This BEG Janice Chin (MY) - April 2019

A Night Like This AB A/B Kirston Cox (NZ) & Sue Wellesley-Davies (NZ) - June 2020

A Real Good Way BEG Lesley Clark (SCO) - July 2015

A Song For Another Time IMP Gail A. Dawson (USA) - June 2016

A Song of Love INT Norman Gifford (USA) - February 2022

A Sweet Surrender INT Juliet Lam (USA) - May 2012

A Walk On The Wild Side INT Jacob Ballard (USA) - October 2010

AB Take It From Me A/B Heather Clark - June 2018

AB Wild Hearts A/B Steve Cavanaugh (USA) - September 2021

Abby's Heartbreak IMP Heather Barton (SCO) - August 2019

ABC Bachata BEG Carine Misiak (FR) - February 2013

AB-No Roots A/B Agnethe Hansen (DK) - September 2018

Absolutely BEG Niels Poulsen (DK) - April 2019

Aces And Eights** INT Pat Esper (USA) - February 2016

Achy Breaky Heart BEG Melanie Greenwood (USA)

Adalaida IMP Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - October 2019

Adams Ale INT Rob Fowler (ES)

Adaptable B/I Frank Trace (USA)

Adonde Voy IMP Juliet Lam (USA) - September 2011

After A Few INT Dan Albro (USA) - July 2019

After Midnight INT Judy McDonald (CAN)

After The Storm BEG Tina Argyle (UK) - May 2014

Again And Again INT Alison Metelnick (UK), Peter Metelnick (UK) & Jo Kinser (UK) - October 2021

Agua Y Fuego BEG Roy Verdonk (NL), Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) & Daniel Trepat (NL) - August 2016

Ah Si! A/B Rita Masur (CAN)

Aiko Aiko IMP Marie Sorensen (DK) - May 2012

Ain't Got No Money INT Neville Fitzgerald (UK) & Julie Harris (UK) - August 2007

Ain't Misbehavin' INT Guyton Mundy (USA), Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) & Amy Glass (USA) - November 2015

Ain't She Amazing IMP Suzanne Wilson (USA) - July 2017

Aisy Waisy Dance B/I Pierre Mercier (CAN)

Alabama Slammin' INT Rachael McEnaney (USA) - June 2011

Alice IMP Daniel Whittaker (UK) - April 2018

All Bass No Treble IMP Jonno Liberman (USA) & Alix Liberman (USA) - July 2014

All Cried Out BEG Ann Wood (UK)

All Fired Up INT Ozgur "Oscar" Takac (TUR) - February 2011

All I Am Is You B/I Julia Wetzel (USA) - August 2018

All I Can Say INT Simon Ward (AUS) & Rachael McEnaney (USA) - February 2014

All I Know H/I Roy Verdonk (NL) & Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - June 2016

All I Need To Know ADV Maggie Gallagher (UK) & Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - May 2019

All Katchi, All Night Long INT Kerry Maus (USA) - August 2017

All My People (FR) INT Jocelyn Vachon (CAN)

All Night!!!! INT Trevor Thornton (USA) & James Pruitt (USA) - March 2014

All Nite (Don't Stop) IMP Rick Dominguez (USA)

All of It INT Dan Morrison (CAN) - May 2022

All On Me A/B Michelle Wright (USA) - May 2020

All Shook Up I/A Dustin Betts (USA) - February 2022

All Shook Up ADV Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle (USA)

All Summer Long INT Pim van Grootel (NL) & Daniel Trepat (NL) - July 2008

All That's Left H/B Vicky St. Pierre (CAN) - January 2015

All Wrapped Up INT Tracey Barrett (UK)

All You Need BEG Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) - November 2010

Almost Cha Cha BEG D.J. Lansaw (USA)

Always 17 IMP Kate Sala (UK) - July 2015

Always Alone INT Niels Poulsen (DK) - September 2013

Always Humble BEG Willie Brown (SCO) - February 2022

Am I? B/I Cato Larsen (NOR) - April 2008

Amame INT Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) - September 2008

Amazed By You INT Luke Van Der Meer (AUS)

Amazing Grace IMP Rachael McEnaney (USA) - February 2012

Amen Amigo BEG Magali Chabret (FR) - March 2017

American Dream INT Valerie O'Shea (IRE) - September 2015

American Kids H/B Randy Pelletier (USA) - June 2014

American Ride A/B Margo LaMotta - July 2011

Ami Oh BEG Vivienne Scott (CAN)

An Angel 2 Me IMP Norman Gifford (USA) - January 2022

And Get It On INT Daniel Trepat (NL) & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - March 2015

And I Love You So INT Lily Iguchi (JP) - October 2009

And I Say INT Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - July 2021

And It Goes Like This A/B Sue Hutchison (UK) - August 2011

Andante, Andante INT Maryloo (FR) - January 2019

Angel & Corona IMP Darren Bailey (UK), Kate Sala (UK), Guylaine Bourdages (CAN) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - March 2019 

Angel of Love IMP Elizabeth Scott (SCO) - January 2014

Another Heart ADV Maggie Gallagher (UK) & Gary O`Reilly (IRE) - July 2022

Another Life INT Vivienne Scott (CAN) & Kim Ray (UK) - September 2018

Another One Bites The Dust INT Ryan Hunt (UK) - April 2022

Another Song IMP Kate Sala (UK) & Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK) - September 2011

Antes De Que Te Vayas INT Guy Dube (CAN)

Anything Cold With Alcohol BEG Jonno Liberman (USA) - April 2022

Apple Juice INT Scott Blevins (USA) & Paul James (UK) - May 2019

As Long As U Love Me INT Ira Weisburd (USA) - January 2016

Ashtray On A Motorcycle INT Harlan Curtis (USA) - July 2015

Askin' Questions B/I Larry Bass (USA) - July 2009

Aspire BEG Bracken Heidenreich (USA) & Linda Ellis (USA) - May 2006

Atomik Polka INT Bastiaan van Leeuwen (DE)

Autumn NC2S Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - December 2015

Aw Naw INT Sandy Goodman (USA) - May 2013

Ay Amor B/I Ria Vos (NL) - May 2009


B.C.O. (Baby Come On) INT Rachael McEnaney (USA) - October 2019

Baamulaiza B/I Vivienne Scott (CAN) - September 2012

BABY (I Love You) IMP Regina Cheung (CAN) - May 2019


C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. INT Guyton Mundy (USA) - January 2013


One Last Two Step BEG Bobby Chong (CAN) - May 2022