Click here Common Line Dance Steps  to familiarize yourself with some basic line dancing steps with Gail Eaton.


"Bobby is very patient with every student regardless of your abilities and aptitudes.  He makes every class fun and enjoyable.  I'm glad to be his student since September 2022 and am improving everyday both professionally and personally because of line dancing." - Adeline L.

"It is an amazing class.  Friendly learning environment, especially I have a great patient teacher." - Isabelle F.

"Bobby's class is a lot of fun - mainly because of his enthusiasm and sense of humour. He also chooses dances to great music. Beginner and intermediate dancers alike enjoy his classes. We always get more than our money's worth." - Linda W.

"Bobby runs a great beginner class at Birkdale CC, a lot of fun and is doing a great job teaching new dancers who are learning line dancing for the first time.  You are a great upbeat person to be around."   Sharlene R. 

"I like Bobby’s enthusiasm and variety of dances which include new and older dances from the past." - Alan L.

"Never pictured myself learning to line dance. It is fun, and great exercise. Bobby's teaching style is clear and easy to follow. He takes his  time with those who struggle to suss out details (like left and right). His kind efforts to encourage people to stay with the program until they pick it up. Bravo! You have converted me over to your side (resistance is futile!)" - Sheila M.

"I like your interesting and fun activities and one of my favourite line dance is One Last Two Step, Thanks for choreographing!" - Olga K.

"Bobby's teaching method of instructing students the names of all the different steps has really helped me. The music is great and his classes are fun and sociable. I always look forward to his class. It's a highlight of my week." - Laurel W.

 "I've started to learn line dance with Bobby in Birkdale Community Centre this year. Bobby is an amazing teacher, always enthusiastic and very patient. He is the kind of teacher who will pay attention to everyone wherever the needs are. Slowdown, accelerate, request for a special music…!  It is always a pleasure to join his classes." - Lauraine G.

"I go to Bobby’s classes as he represents what I feel line dancing should be about and why years ago I decided to try it. His classes are always fun, social, and a place to go where you can learn some great line dances while feeling welcomed and not feeling that you have to know (or remember) every dance or be a perfect dancer! It’s a time to exercise your body and your mind in a relaxing and fun atmosphere!  I recommend anyone to try it no matter what level of a line dancer you are!" - Chris H.

"We were skeptical about line dancing before we met Bobby. Bobby is such a good teacher, fun and breaks down the steps in such a simple way that we now love line dancing.  He makes us feel that you can line dance to almost any song. Now at parties we make sure that we perform a line dance to at least one of the songs that Bobby has taught us. Recently we organized a social in Scarborough and we did a flash mob on the  Dynamite song. We love line dancing and learning with Bobby." - Lavina & Walter 

"Having an absolute blast learning line dances choreographed by Bobby Chong at the Birkdale Community centre. I am now convinced that people with two left feet can learn a dance sequence. Yippee!" - Dolcie L.